There is absolutely nothing wrong with American public school education!

That’s right! You heard me.  A plethora of pedagogical pundits are proffering their pov’s about the so-called failure of our public schools to educate our children.  Poverty, high dropout rates, low scores on standardized tests, the dearth of classes in fine arts, music, physical education, the lack of school libraries, computers, books, social workers, guidance counselors…time…money.  Come on peeps!  Don’t you know that abundance is everywhere!  Just stand in front of the ocean, open your arms up wide and feel the abundance.  Once you feel it, it’s yours.  That feeling alone should feed your family for a week.

If you really meditate on it as I do, you’ll find there is absolutely nothing wrong with American public education.  I mean, maybe there are a few tweaks needed.  For instance, everybody whines about how lousy we’re doing with our public schools compared with say, Finland, for example.  Finland has come out on top of the world on international tests.  You see that reindeer?  He’s laughing at us.  Educational historian Diane Ravitch visited Finland.  She observed that classes are small there, there’s no standardized testing, teachers need to complete a 4-year college program and a masters degree to get a job.  So what, I say?  In our poorest neighborhoods, we might have 37-40 students per class, a Teach For America rookie at the front of the room, trying to move the lesson forward counting on the classroom management skills he learned in his five week summer course on how to teach, or shall we say, do test prep?  Compare and despair, I always say.  We’re not so bad off.  These are not significant problems. They’re not too difficult to solve.  Go back to the ocean.  Open your arms again. Ask for an abundance of solutions to ride in on the waves.

I’ve got one.  In Finland, they don’t teach American History from grade school up as we do. So… I propose one simple solution:  stop teaching American History in our public schools. That should get us right back on top of Finland where we belong.


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