Guidance Counselors? A Luxury Item At Best. Let’s Rotate ‘Em!

Breaking news from the trenches.  It seems the DOE has started sending “excessed” guidance counselors to a new school each week.  What a terrific idea!

Last year, they only put “excessed” teachers on a weekly merry-go-round.  It was fun.  I was there.  “Excessed” guidance counselors and social workers were kept at the same school all year.

Seems that, as of now, some guidance counselors are being put into weekly rotation. They will be assigned to a new school each week.

This makes perfect sense to me.  Say Jasmine, a high school senior in the middle of applying to college, needs help with her applications.  It is so much more interesting for her to meet a new guidance counselor each week.  It’ll be fun for Jasmine to see how long it takes them to catch up with where the last counselor left off on Friday.  It’s good for Jasmine.  Week after week, she’ll learn more self reliance.  So she may miss out on a scholarship.  No biggie.  With 40 weeks to a school year, she’ll get to develop a deep and trusting relationship with 40 new counselors at no charge!

Consistency is way overrated.



6 thoughts on “Guidance Counselors? A Luxury Item At Best. Let’s Rotate ‘Em!

  1. Mignon Lawless

    Good points, Elizabeth. Don’t forget trust: If Jasmine has something more personal to discuss with the counselor, she will have to learn to size up each new counselor in about 5 minutes to determine if she will feel comfortable sharing about herself. Hopefully, the counselors have training in stress relief as I suspect there will be more of a need for it. Really makes me wish I were a student again….

    1. Elizabeth Rose Post author

      I wonder what kind of training the guidance counselors are getting, if any, as they are being assigned to rotational purgatory. If I hadn’t been writing a book about my weekly rotations last year, I might not have been able to laugh at this preposterous situation. Thank you for adding your observations. Most appreciated, Dr. Lawless.


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