Calling on the Tooth Fairy and The Avengers for American education reform

“Massachusetts is #1 in education…” Mitt Romney in last night’s debate.

Today, Diane Ravitch points out why Massachusetts is the top state in education:

“The Massachusetts reforms were passed by the Legislature ten years before Romney became Governor in 2003. The reforms doubled state funding of public education from $1.3 billion in 1993 to $2.6 billion by 2000; provided a minimum foundation budget for every district; committed to develop strong curricula for subjects such as science, history, the arts, foreign languages, mathematics, and English; implemented a new testing program; expanded professional development for teachers; and tested would-be teachers. In the late 1990s, again before Romney assumed office, the state added new funds for early childhood education.”

It’s The Magic Formula, right? Money for every district, rich curriculum, PD and more funds for the pre K’s!  Who wouldn’t want The Magic Formula implemented in every American school district?  Whoops. Looks like it’s Romney.

Dr. Ravitch adds,

“So, yes, the Massachusetts reforms were costly, but Romney has no plans to fund anything new other than charters and vouchers, which were not part of his state’s academic success.”

But now that we have uncovered The Magic Formula, we can issue a distress call for help.  We can ask The Tooth Fairy for the money and call on Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye to strong-arm the enforcement of rich curricula across our land. I know, it’s a little “top down” in style, but to soften the Formula’s spur, the Black Widow can lead the professional development sessions.

American education must be saved from the brink of disaster now and forever.  To insure this, the position of Secretary of Education shall become a permanent federal appointment (much like the head of the FBI).  The honor shall go to…

(cue the flugelhorn fanfare)

Captain America.


6 thoughts on “Calling on the Tooth Fairy and The Avengers for American education reform

  1. Jan

    Hopefully President Obama will be re-elected but his choice for Arnie
    Duncan as Secretary of Education was not a wise one and should be reconsidered his next term.
    Duncan is just another politico (no educational background) who is in favor of charter schools and privatization while happily receiving BIG $$$ and recognition from The Gates Foundation and
    The Walton family (I’m not talking about “John Boy”) to name a few….wake up folks! Hmmmm! Public Education is the backbone of our democracy and is currently being hijacked by the dems also.
    Albert Shanker must be “rolling” in his grave.
    Check out the following article….

    1. Elizabeth Rose Post author

      You are so right! Our job as educators is to prepare students to make informed choices as full participants in our democracy. I am trying so hard with this blog and my book to stay away from vilifying people like Mr. Duncan and Ms. Rhee, to mention a few. I try to frame everyone involved as having the same goal: to raise the quality of American education for all. Unfortunately, when you follow the money, it is difficult to hold onto the frame. I’ve read that Rupert Murdock is funding Students First, Michelle Rhee’s org…up to $50 million. I not certain about the accuracy of what I’ve read but we need to demand transparency. We also need administrators who are making big decisions about the “reform” of American education to be people who have been in the trenches. Surely, with all the talent in our vast nation, there could have been a much better selection for Secretary of Education than Arne Duncan. Think of what it would be like to have Deborah Meier or some of the other progressive REAL education visionaries in that Cabinet post. Anybody can administer a bubble test. Very few know how to light up a child’s imagination and facilitate their becoming a lifelong learner. Appoint someone to that Cabinet post who has a strong vision, skill and a record of success with some of our most challenging students (we’re talkin’ poverty, here), take away the testing grind, turn control of the schools back to educators in collaboration with each other and policy makers, and we have some hope. Having a bean counter in charge of American education is like having an insurance adjuster doing neurosurgery in the OR.


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