Wanna See All The Art Supplies for a NYC High School With 630 Students???


That’s right. 650 students. Total art supplies: one cardboard box with some paper and a few colored pencils. No pencil sharpener.

In my upcoming book about my adventures teaching in 25 Manhattan public high schools last year, (working title: “Yo Miz”) you can read all about this travesty. These kids are starved for the arts. I know. I was there. I asked them. They told me. They want music. They want painting. They want sculpture. They want to go on trips.

Their school is a short 20 minute subway ride to the Metropolitan Museum of Art but these students have never been there. BTW, the Met and a number of other museums offer free admission, free tours and gift tickets of family admissions to NYC public school students. All you have to do is ask.

Evidently, nobody at this school has thought about asking.

Oh well…maybe somebody will buy the kids a pencil sharpener.

Wanna see it again?



2 thoughts on “Wanna See All The Art Supplies for a NYC High School With 630 Students???

  1. Jan

    I’m so glad that the Educational Reform movement is in full swing…!
    Over ten years of NCLB and now RTTT….as the old saying goes, a picture is worth……!
    Tragic! A result of the politicalization of public education.

    1. Elizabeth Rose Post author

      NCLB? RTTT? I think that they should downsize from four-letter acronyms to three, don’t you? After all, the rest of us are downsizing. How ’bout “EIE” (Enough is Enough)?

      Thank you Jan! I took the picture myself. More to come from the inside!


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