End of Term Report Card… Arne Duncan: NOT Promoted

End of Term Report Card

Name:   Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education

Term:    2009 – 2012

  • Reading:            “Far below standards in reading and analyzing literature”
  • Math:                 “Below standards in probability concepts and rationality”
  • Social Studies:   “Far below standards in understanding historical concepts”
  •  Science:            “Making little or no progress toward completing a full investigation.”
  •  Music:               “Does not show initiative”
  •  Art:                    “Shows little interest and effort”
  •  PE:                     “Shows initiative, but only on basketball court”
  •  Deportment:      “Does not respect feelings, opinions or property of others”

Immediate Improvements Required:

  • “Needs to accept responsibility for learning”
  • “Requires academic intervention” (consult with professional educators, pronto!)

Final Assessment:





7 thoughts on “End of Term Report Card… Arne Duncan: NOT Promoted

  1. Jan

    Now, I’m delighted that our president has been re-elected…don’t get me wrong! I’d be “loading up” my camper and heading “up north” across the border if the outcome had been different….alas, a sigh of relief.
    But when it comes to public ed…this administration…..Arne Duncan…..poster child……is frankly….no different from W’s NCLB fiasco. Now we have RTTT….what’s the difference? NOTHING…..it’s all the same…TESTING….TESTING…123!!!!! Can you hear me out there???
    I think NOT!!
    The “big money behind the scene” charter school scheme has hoodwinked the general public. I must admit…it does sound wonderful and if you “poo poo” charter schools to most caring folks….they look at you with a “questioning eye”…..”why would you not want inner city children to get a chance for a better education”???? Then I try to explain mysef…..now…..”here’s the rest of the story”…remember the “late righty”…..Paul Harvey, at least he wasn’t as mean spirited as Rush…ugh!
    I digress……
    So…as I said to my husband the other evening while viewing… NBC’s Universal Comcast Nightly News with Brian Williams showcasing…. “Education Nation” events sponsored by….ta dah, the for profit University of Phoenix …scandal ridden….over the past decade , federal add state agencies have found they (and other for profit) have improperly paid recruiters based on how many people they signed up, falsified enrollment tests and fabricated financial aid documents.
    Only the tip of “the iceberg…..yikes, wake up folks… but it probably won’t happen for at least another decade sadly….after most of public education’s dismantling….our “public education cliff” !
    Public Ed is being raided like the Social Security lockbox…it’s going broke/failing…the sky is falling….the sky is falling…..we must privatize….take $$$ from “failing” inner city schools and give it to the charters backed by the Walton family and their ilk. Perhaps “Papa John” should be the next Secretary of Ed…..make public Ed fail and take it to the “free market”….I’ll give you a free pepperoni pizza for your loyalty boys and girls!
    I digress again, but it’s all the same scheme folks…..end SS as we know it, end public Ed as we know it….and don’t forget about that inefficient USPS….end that too!!
    Thanks for allowing my rank, Elizabeth….keep up the good work!

    1. Elizabeth Rose Post author

      I can’t stop thinking that there must br someone who could get to Obama to enlighten him. Jon Stewart completely understands. His mother is a teacher. He took Arne to task on his show. Obama needs to listen to our pov and take Arne out of the picture. Unfortunately, education was barely mentioned in the presidential debates. And now, it looks like the opposition is trying to create another Watergate to put him on the defense over this Bengazi/Petraeus link. This could get in the way of giving the middle class back its strength. Meanwhile, if we don’t provide a decent education to everyone, especially, our most underserved kids, where will the next gen middle class come from. I can’t take it…let’s go out for some pizza. Dominos?


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