Check out “Meet Adelle Cothorne” by John Merrow, Frontline

Adelle C, a remarkable woman, an ex principal and now cup cake baker, is the first administrator to go public about her experiences during Michelle Rhee’s time as chancellor of Washington DC’s Public Schools.

John Merrow, Frontline correspondent, ran a story about Michelle Rhee 2 nights ago about her DC leadership. This story has provoked a great deal of interest and, from Merrow’s blog, it appears he wants to go deeper. It seems there has been a a botched investigation of a cheating scandal during her watch. Please check out today’s post:

The comments from educators are very interesting. It’s always nice to hear from actual educators when you’re making education policy…ya think?

And…the ONLY thing that counts to Ms Rhee et al, are test scores. Period. Exclamation point. There is absolutely no room for creativity and authentic assessment.

FYI, I left him this comment:
John, I hope these comments will inspire Frontline to continue to dig. I’d like to encourage you to follow the money. How much money has Students First been given from Rupert Murdock (rumors are up to $50M)? With Joel Klein, former chancellor of NYC DOE, chief exec of the education division of News Corps, can you make the connections? Doesn’t Pearson, the UK’s testing giant, have a $90M biz creating and implementing testing? With marital connections to the Tennessee and Sacremento school systems, perhaps Rhee’s SF is doling out resources. Is there a possible conflict of interest? If you check out Juan Gonzalez (Daily News/Democracy Now), ask him about the effects of The New Markets Act, signed at the end of Clinton’s admin. It gave substantial tax breaks to corporate entities (hedge funds, et al) to invest in underserved areas. Thus, these areas became a place to launder money. You can check out my blog, “Attention All Bankers” for this story if you like:

Thank you so much for your diligence. Please stay with this story and follow the money. Education: it’s the “New Gold Rush.”


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