ERASURE-HEAD 101: A New Course for Principals & Teachers

Attention Principals and Teachers:

As your jobs are now dependent on your students’s test scores, we are offering a course designed to insure your success: Erasure-head 101.

Our guarantee: Your students’ test scores will suddenly increase at rates no one could possibly believe!!

Course content includes:

Eraser management
Cleaning up a bubble sheet with chemicals guaranteed to leave no trace of erasure marks (thanks to NCIS advisory panel)
Fingerprint removal
Changing student answers from “wrong” to “right” using an invisibility cloak from Harry Potter Ltd
Role playing: How to finesse an investigation

Plus as a bonus, a free screening of Eraserhead, a film loved by some, detested by more.

(Eraserhead is a 1977 surrealist body horror film written and directed by American filmmaker David Lynch.)



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