Hey Teachers! It’s “Be Kind to Mayor Bloomberg Day…”



For today, why not take a break from bashing him?  Groove on his God-given goodness.  Feel his pain.

After all, he’s overemployed.  He excels at so many things, but can’t quite get a grasp of this education thang.  We’re teachers.  We want to help.  First, let’s assess the good stuff.

He’s great at raising money for our city.  He’s kept our infrastructure from deteriorating as it it did during the bad old 1970’s.

He’s gotten the noxious cigarette smoke out of our bars and restaurants.  As a working musician, I can tell you how much I appreciate that. 

He’s helped put healthier drinks in our schools’ vending machines.

Good stuff, right?

Also, it’s not healthy to hate him.  Holding on to a resentment, after all, is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

You wouldn’t hate a student with a learning disability, right?  You’d use every tool you have to facilitate that student’s love of learning.

So it’s important, for at least today, to stop bashing the Mayor.  It’s not his fault that he hasn’t done so great with improving our schools.  He’s overemployed.

Education?  It’s not his field.




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