Testing is So…”20th Century”

No need to torture our students with so many standardized tests.

I know, testing is great for business.  Pearson, the UK giant testing corp, has a 5-year, $32 million contract with the NY State DOE to design tests for grades 4-8.  The privatization of education is, after all, our New Gold Rush.

But this is the Google age.  You need a fact?  Google it.  Easy.  Testing is so obsolete.

But what’s not obsolete is to inspire kids to love learning.  That means…

Creating stuff:  writing, collages, films, music, robots, CAD roller coasters…

And make sure they learn to think for themselves…

And think critically….

And challenge authority with reason, scholarship and respect…

So they can discern whether the facts they find on Google are:

1)from a reliable source or

2) from Fox News.

Remember, “Google” is an action verb…

And testing…? Totally old school.


2 thoughts on “Testing is So…”20th Century”

  1. sherri winston

    Innovation costs money. We understand when drug companies insist proceeds from their drugs leads to the creation of better drugs. So why shouldn’t more dollars-per-student lead to better students? Today’s educational paradigm is as passé as the Dred Scott Separate but equal law. When it comes to public education, black and white are no match for green. Love your post. sherriwinston.com and @sherriwinston


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