Fat Cat-astrophy Inspires Launch of The Network for Public Education

Announced this morning by Diane Ravitch and Anthony Cody, the brand new Network for Public Education shall serve as a central meeting place for folks who are not crazy about the attempted destruction of public education by fat cats.  The hoi polloi is thrilled that Steve Zimmer just won the hotly contested election for LA School Board, even though DFER (Democrats for Education Reform, aka, said corpulent corporate felines) lapped $4 million into his opponent’s campaign.  FYI,  the LA teachers union funded SZ with $1 million.  Jeeze, lots of money going into campaigns.  $5 million plus for this “little” election.  No matter.  That money couldn’t have been used by the LA schools.  I’m sure they’re flush.

So it’s a happy day for the people who want to preserve free public education, local control and the end of high stakes standardized testing.   Not that great for the feral crew, though.  I’m sure this clowder of “hedgies” is re-grouping, licking their claws and plotting (as cats do all day long) to keep Steve Zimmer from having any political power.  I feel for them.   They are highly motivated and focused.  (We teachers want our students to achieve these qualities, after all.)  But their prey managed to escape their bared teeth.  Nevertheless, I feel for the gargantuan grimalkins.   It’s tough to be on the losing side because…

It makes you feel like a loser.  That’s how a parent feels when her child’s application to a charter school is rejected by an administrator who looks her in the eye saying,  “This is not the right school for your girl. You should enroll her in the public school down the block.  You know..the one they’re closing…(Subtext: because we took away their public funding, she doesn’t speak much English.  she’s learning disabled, she’ll bring down our test scores.  Dump her into a public school.)”  Whether you live in East LA or the Upper East Side…

Getting dumped sucks.

Especially getting dumped in a public election that your beefy booty couldn’t buy.

Poor kitty.  Come here, my burly bulging butterball…lemme scratch you right here, behind your ear…OUCH!  You bit me you lard bucket bastard!  No soupcon for you.

So first thing this morning, I joined the Network for Public Education.   In their own words: “The Network for Public Education is an advocacy group whose goal is to fight to protect, preserve and strengthen our public school system, an essential institution in a democratic society.”  Come on, join up…we’ll party!

I dig this democracy stuff.

Network for Public Ed


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