Breaking News from Home Plate: Blog changeup to “” –

On this holy weekend, when we observe the NY Mets Opening Day, despite their annual persecution into a cave of shame…with their re-emergence on Sunday, as family and friends weep tears of happiness…

…we are batting from a new address for “Yo Miz, Elizabeth Rose’s Blog.”  It is a resurrection…or, shall we say,   res-URL-tion (nerd joke).

Yes – that’s me, singing our National Anthem at Shea Stadium on September 19, 2006, right after my (!) Mets clinched the National League East.  Ah, how my soul longs for those days.  Mets fans:  Persevere!  Continue to pray for a miracle.  Be grateful that you are not a Cubs fan.

At our new site, you will find:

  • continual commentary on the “lighter side” of American public education
  • guest blogs (like today’s brilliant commentary from special ed teacher “Rural Ed”)
  • and, for the first time, EXCERPTS from “YO MIZ” the book, which follows my rollicking journey  teaching in 25 Manhattan public schools in one wacky year!

To my followers – please go to our new site and sign up on the “Follow” button at the lower right hand side of the page.  Although you may get a “page not found” message, check your email.  It should have a confirmation message.  Click to confirm, please.  Thank you so much for following and for your incisive, outraged and funny comments.

Love hurts, especially when you love the Mets as I do.  Who knows?  Maybe this year will be our resurrection.  For my Mets.  For public education:)

Play ball!



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