Close Schools, Export The Poor, Gentrify the ‘Hood – Sounds Like a Plan

Leslie Fenwick, Dean of Howard University’s School of Education, points out in the Washington Post’s “The Answer Sheet”, that Urban school reform is ultimately, a land grab by venture capitalists. She writes:

“As the nation’s inner cities are dotted with coffee shop chains, boutique furniture stores, and the skyline changes from public housing to high-rise condominium buildings, listen to the refrain about school reform sung by some intimidated elected officials and submissive superintendents. That refrain is really about exporting the urban poor, reclaiming inner city land, and using schools to recalculate urban land value. This kind of school reform is not about children, it’s about the business elite gaining access to the nearly $600 billion that supports the nation’s public schools. It’s about money.”

I’m a little stuck on this “export” thang.  Venture capitalists are great planners, right?  I’m curious.  Where do they plan to export the indigenous population?  I mean, you have to be thinking big, considering the large inner city populations of NY…LA.  Export ’em to Scarsdale?  Bel Air?  Not enough room.

Perhaps they could send a bunch of them to the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.  It’s 3,000 square miles so there’s lots of room.  And they could make new friends.  After all, with a population density of about 4 peeps to a square mile, folks already living out there must be plenty lonely.

"Nature Preserve"


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