“Yo Miz!” interview on The Catskill Review of Books – and…pre order postponed for a minute…

Yo Miz horse best photoIf you have absolutely nothing better to do with your day, you may listen to our first interview with Ian Williams, host of “The Catskill Review of Books.”

My assessment:

1)  Ian is VERY well informed about the current state of educational policy making.

2) Best if I talk about the kids I met during my wacky year teaching in 25 Manhattan public high schools.  There are some brilliant spokespersons on the BIG issues:  Diane Ravitch, Mark Naison, Ian Williams…

3) Good start.  Note to self:  Talk about the kids.  Keep it funny.  Yo Miz horse best photo


Pre-orders for “Yo Miz!” the book are postponed for a minute.  I’ll get back to you on this.

Funny, entertaining, heartwarming, provocative first reading from “Yo Miz!” by me: October 10, 6 pm, Jeffersonville Public Library, Jeffersonville, NY.






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